Kitra Somers (2024)

1. Encounter: Kitra returns! - ECCIE Worldwide

  • Default Encounter: Kitra returns! User ID: - Date: First week of March Name: Kitra Somers Phone: 5176040048. Email Address: URL ...

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2. Establishment of a novel human CIC-DUX4 sarcoma cell line, Kitra ...

  • 1 nov 2019 · & Somers, G. R. The CIC-DUX4 fusion transcript is present in a subgroup of pediatric primitive round cell sarcomas. Hum. pathol. 43, 180–189 ...

  • Approximately 60–70% of EWSR1-negative small blue round cell sarcomas harbour a rearrangement of CIC, most commonly CIC-DUX4. CIC-DUX4 sarcoma (CDS) is an aggressive and often fatal high-grade sarcoma appearing predominantly in children and young adults. Although cell lines and their xenograft models are essential tools for basic research and development of antitumour drugs, few cell lines currently exist for CDS. We successfully established a novel human CDS cell line designated Kitra-SRS and developed orthotopic tumour xenografts in nude mice. The CIC-DUX4 fusion gene in Kitra-SRS cells was generated by t(12;19) complex chromosomal rearrangements with an insertion of a chromosome segment including a DUX4 pseudogene component. Kitra-SRS xenografts were histologically similar to the original tumour and exhibited metastatic potential to the lungs. Kitra-SRS cells displayed autocrine activation of the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1)/IGF-1 receptor (IGF-1R) pathway. Accordingly, treatment with the IGF-1R inhibitor, linsitinib, attenuated Kitra-SRS cell growth and IGF-1-induced activation of IGF-1R/AKT signalling both in vitro and in vivo. Furthermore, upon screening 1134 FDA-approved drugs, the responses of Kitra-SRS cells to anticancer drugs appeared to reflect those of the primary tumour. Our model will be a useful modality for investigating the molecular pathology and therapy of CDS.

Establishment of a novel human CIC-DUX4 sarcoma cell line, Kitra ...

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  • 15 mrt 2024 · [ I am 18 or older - ENTER ] Kitra Somers Therapist on Twitter Looking for someone to. Twitter It's what's happening. Kitra Somers Therapist ...

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  • 29 sep 2022 · Abby Somers – Shady Spa Shady Spa – Gianna Grey Shady Spa – Luna Mars ...

  • Bonnie is trained and has studied manual release therapy, is an ancient energy healing practice, and the art of healing using life force energy Size: 434 Mb

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  • CLICK HERE (18+) Synonyms of BLAST Videographer Captures Beirut Blast During Wedding Photoshoot A List of Recent Mass Shootings in the United States ‘Now You Are Going to Die’ Beirut Bride Recounts Moment of Blast Bride describes ‘nightmare scene’ after Beirut explosion hit UNLV shooter had a list of targets along with a 9millimeter Pakistan mosque bombing survivors traumatised but undeterred How the Vienna shooting unfolded final hours of freedom UNLV shooting upends semester students…

Kitra Somers (2024)
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