The Socialist and Labor Star from Huntington, West Virginia (2024)

tkft? 4 If. 141 rv .1 u. F. Clarksburg Ward. Titos.

Hudson Ward Weirton. Axel Graham B. 117 Wierton Weiiford, M. C. Saafer.

Well ford West Fork, II. Dillon. Winifrede CORRECTION. Secretary Kinizer sends a correction for the Financial Statement for June which arrived too late for insertion in the proper piace. the Fairmont remittance should i be insert e.i: 1 Mouudswlle S4.Uo 8 C.

Rogers l.Ul) and "uirksburaa Aim. I. tt? i -i. State Committee, Soeialn-t Party ol West Virginia. Dear Comrades: Fur several a pa supposed by I.

WAV-is edited by Fivd H. Merrick. not a -aeadter ot th- Socialist party, has statement." Comrade liar Id Houston and myself, in charges 1 aipting to deliver tile Socialist over to a republican candidal taouaii sin a a thins re i. political preferment. am: i.i published snatches pr: bet veen I i.j'.i 1 v.

hica. by twistiug ami turning. may create in the unthinking mind a belief that 1 isav" b- -a ot r.i tr? ueherj l.ii- I i i M--rriek. iet i the til I for in a- tii a. made -a; he- i- ote ill op- ponents ii ra i very a to tion.

Merri. ae. 1 rtt iriff stato i an arbitrary 1 Tk? sanction of the state committee. is pa: pa; ll s'lt- Kf'-sts his stat 'a- from truth. s.

e.i oi: com mi v. tatioM a- 1. -m-. and later rati tiatr of the stat" committee. May The trans? fer was made Jar- rrick said the tran- '-r early in May J'reviou-; opposed a meet- inff -if tiie state -e to Settle oUt.

.1 t'orn. -r o. and of tie- party. le- i.evend p. rad and i aoat a shadiAv a i i out I 11 he ni: present.

i to have a sp. ia! ral ich oa dir- te.j tuifSi'y ii M- to and in tii-'- ev? at tlo to have n.ala of moti'-n i- Wish to e. ee said It will i if. 1 1 i vote, or four of ta IT.ake l. otioJl purpose ot -iny t'ae i' jtit* i ari out.

to'-t v. ill p.1 tie ft. tdi- make thei i for i HimWIi!) il KiXTZFlh State Seeretary. Progressive Woman. Kvery ui.o t'tisircs to keep, abreast of the progress of sex should he subscriber to The Pro-' art an atni-o hiy nauiaziue pi oiaic ami polit -tests priee in in dubs tfple I'oi'ii or; retjues! A i at ss Pr Woman Publishing avenue.

Chicago. Hi. To Prevent .4 Bring your shoes to the Electric Shoe Hospital and get them fixed up in proper shape, and you will prevent lots of the colds you have. Two experts In charge and all wor't is mmpleu i same day as received Yours Fcr Dry Feet 11. B.

Brokenshire e. s. D. 628 Twentieth from lirsl pajje.) uoss!" A. the worthy councilman hud deliberately mi' in a talse light before those present i arose for ihe purpose of correcting some of his wilful miss tat eiuents, requesting pet missi an to do so I nun the major.

"I i 1 1 servant glat'i at me as though I was -iiiiit1 malignant foreign enemy iat-ad of a NlNlvYKAU UfclSlDKNT ASH I. AND ami yelled: "Sil down!" i a moment I thought ot the right to defend myself', this public gathering of my fellow bat some fortunate intuition tn take my scat and it is did. The following day 1 found thai whole proceeding was a to land in jail. the councilman was to verbally assault me, the fo forbid me replying, and it was naturally supposed that I Aouid attempt reply regardless ot tj.jvor. A policeman had been stationed witii instructions to i the utt'i'lll Ot COllj iiiim ill" W'ltat i wished to say in regard to Mr insinuation that 11 ii ti-o it only one week.

i ha been in the tmited sine- infancy: i have been a resident of Ashland for nine years: 1 did not really hue to take out pap. rs -come a citizen i -i a i und'jr the "i tite or i Slao Concerning Na, iV, f. to make per- I endenttir- 1 i Ann-t government. 1 to prev ious applied i 1 1 regulation natur- i 1 I lot: i i of Mr Clark assertions "ANY MAN who would object! ipln- these the Salva- rioti Arm'. is not a good citizen and debarn-d from citizenship.

il'teiit i i lUUeiilUUU i could net' his I know, that it his sugto eaneel the citizenship of I I pi i who would to being tax-'d to support the; v. i 'iiy. or any other private i -i i1 n. was carried out. v.

oiild 1-e j.recious f. votes east at rise next eity The Salvation Army. I that the Salvation Army. in any oth part of lite a vi.aritab'.e organization r.t. n.

tubers live upon. a hatulsoute i el.aritable instinct of i the pttbiic. It is a corporation em- plying li eu-amis uniformed beg- pritceeds of their MdiepaUon- to aceiimulat ion of al'tahl prop -i ties, real and personal. j. orld.

and the actual charitv uork relieving of sttfferiug a us? by poyorty -is so negli-tide a- to be invisible to tite te- it ihlse pretenses tite poor, the Salvation! i thereof, in: i. a direct agency of ins; i a- diverted from the (j, unfortunate fi at voiiid perhaps i- a', Pat Ihetn. a.rno. was Eirst r. -entiled in Ash-! pi-, lit conttnatiding otll( apt several years ago.

Cap' in Com, tpt Miss Vatiderskile and rs. Seott. The rei. i apt Mr. Scott and a i i Vamb rski'e were of such petitioned iv.a:.-.

Cleveland, division r. for their removal. He ly reprituanded the daring to accuse their soldiers threat-1 the matt-r to ti.e public h-nel iiurrietlly 'apt. Mr. Scott afttu'ward.

Tite local; ie-'t in the lltiuds Ot i Seott a later the two tie rs v. sent to assist and is alleged that tite'aet otlleers were of such ri endanger the ti and the army an- i 1 1 i A re compelled to move, taofi1 congenial cl*tues. v. i samples set by the I tiiat tite gross, rm-Mtt the ranks i al arti.y. the local corps at tlrr arrraeted to it some worthy arte.

-t it lias also; i the 1 1 the hatful and the ami itas tn many am victims? of 1 ('tis-- 1 illustrate and it is otic of many: 1 1: first to enlUt it', the local a respectable. honest and widow, whom will call Mrs. She iiad two young children. a irirl tle-se. too.

enlisted in at and became active v. rs. Another of the recruits was Prank, alias "lied" So. a married man. having a large Mrs.

it it's daughter, aged 15. was it Scott considerable in the of ir army work. He seduc! ciiild and presently the mother dis'-ovcri-d that iter daughter was in a dciicate condition. Investigation I "disclosed the fact that Scott was responsible for the outrage, and Mrs. Smith immediately complained to the commander, Capt.

Frazee, insisting that Frivate Scott be fur his crime and discharged from the army. 'I Captain vigorously defended Scott and that lit-1 be shielded "for good ot the array, and he suggested that ho be allowed to send list' young girl to the Army's Rescue Home, in Cinciutiaii, until "ovfryi.liin.Jt; was: over. Then." raid 1 1 1 captain. "she can return, settle down, marry and no one will ever be the wiser. Mrs.

Smith indignantly refill sid- this proposition of and continued to demand the tl I mis- sal of Scott. 'Upon t'anl l'l admitted that Scott had probably incautious. had baldy sinm d. but that he had recently and he had "been saved again. ins I would take no action a-am 1 iiini.

Smith was per "for good of tie army to take the and move to liuniingtoti. i army promising her support and as- sistance. The widow pawm per sewing maciiine. one of the sources of iter meagre income, and v. iiii proceeds moved to the West Virginia city.

wln-re for two years she has upportI'd herself, her daughter and Scott's rhihl by taking in washing: and the, army, contrary to its promise, lias i never assisted her in the least. Net satisfied v. ill; robbing tile v. id-; of jjer iiome ai iter dullghi'T of le virtue. army the v.

ho is now engaged in lis ujd.ibb- work of gathering alms this city i for the Salvation Army while bis: uioii and starve in slum iif iiuntiugtou. The molher. with fears streaming down he," a face. i-i ally relaf if i i at ion Artsy had broken up in-r hones ruim daughter of the', Mspeort sen would 5 a to, She told of last t'iiris-mas time. when had um in their squalid home to satls'V the! i pastes ot hunger, iot son v.

as an -ny gathering money ami: baskets of food for the members of In 1 army in this eiiy. and even to visit his moih'T. or send a message of cheer" during "merry sea- i sou." In the two years that she i struggled against starvation in lie- of 1 luntingtoii. nut ey iris she from or a or eaarity organisation" it which ho is a member. (v.

the meantime tin author of this family's miseries continues as a shining of the "salvation, soldier." eating tin? easy bread of charity and wearing cloties with the nickles yen donate to h' Tp tiie "suffering poor. At this writing ii is commonly reported that anoiir. child has fail, ti to his lusts. In addition to his activities as a -alvi'ion soldi' and a dm of ciiiidfen Scott, in February, v. iiile in tin full regalia of his olllce as a "soldier of 1 to I attempted a criminal assault unon a ivspeetabie married v.siman of tins city.

N'or is ra i the soldiers coni'med to the male members. One of the funhful lady soldiers" of the corps has for ar support- an abb'-bodied bum. her paramour, from the common -a ury of the poor. These are only given as sample- the personnel i i organization hicii in. i ts upon supporting at the expense of tie" taxnayers of Ashland, and which judges, courts, public olllcisils and tiie Daily Dependent so gallantly uphold in its practice of free love.

home-wrecking, seduction, grail and general immorality. Army Finances. many pieces of clothing, old sl.oi dimes, nickles ami quarters contributed at various times to the uniforim-d tain bo- --n ruttb rs contributed in a spirit charily, didn't you? to help the unfortunate poor of yoitr city of course you knew you were assisting the tieedy because the salvation suiieijor 'old you so. He told you that the clothes ami shoes were freely passed on to the shivering men. women and children who were penniless, and that the dimes.

and quarters went to relieve the pangs of hunger of the starving, and to establish free for the homeless, ami to relieve human disttess in general. mad feel good, didn't it? you tiatuna? yt were doing a d. ami that mite really went tl. erving unfortunate But suppose you v. r- tipold rlothins; and shoes not uiven In the poor, and 1 1 i oil' nf these c.

tiuli- paid out i the inin irry poor. cr for free iu ds. What Ten I't-r cotit. of the of the rps" to headquarters: the expenses of the ofllc? rs. soldiers and ih -n paid from them: it thciv is money I- -ft it is in the form of sa'arh-s to the local officers.

The share of the "poor" i ihe work of the Salvation Army i- to merely furnish the t-xcuse for b'-gging money from the public. The Ashland corps ha- a s.eond hand store, located on Front street, near Fifteenth. Nothing is given away at tiiis store as far as I can learn upon investigation. On the contrary the stuff begged is sold at good prices and the proceeds turned into the treasury of the corporation. So you see that your charity, which you thought you were dispensing ho' Army, was not Hi.uiiy n' all.

merely went to i hi' of a corporation, organized for purpose takiug!::sc of natural charity instinct humankind generally. ami piling up r.rof.t:-: for the promoters. It is said lhat iii" returns on the capital invested in ihe salvation army are larger proportionately. than from any other corporation in the world. Why? a little mysterious to the person sis to the work of Salvation Army as to why Uie u' litis city insist upon nnturing it? even ii' thcv have to ignore tin' do it.

Wi: can underland why tin? Daily Dependent she organization? especially int-v six eeks' campaign fori ulisirripi during which (lie army i 1 entirely its Cabled i work and devoted its ively to sin tiring subs for daily: but why the mayor and common council? It was surely I'tidiirhiir ii ol heart i bat caused Mayor Afoorc to champion i of the public beggars, lor been only a few short weeks sitM deported an blind from city lie was rolicili.ig funds on the i- 'ii; whii'li to have an operation performed in 1 1 hopes of restoring his siuht? and. by the way. tit" Daily I Jopoadi-nt complimented i mayor on the thoroughness with which he did lite job! SONG OF REVOLT. i i 1 have iuildod your us ami cities, A I your widest streams I iiiiii" with a giant' nnlotir i 'ie w. strong si eel beams.

I have carved out the busy highways That marks where commerce With a hammer and forge and anvil i have wrought your plains. 1 have iii 1 1 rock nbhed mouii-i lii I1. Willi rails for the iron si cod; I have di ived iii tin' earth's old bosom To the fire at worlds need, i have you. housed you, fed you Fur thousands of years gone hy. i have stepped to the front when duty Mas called, am! I've answered i have wrung front the soil denied me Your toil of the golden grains; I have garbed you in silks and satins And lettered my iimhs with 1 have given toy sweat and muscle To build mm you.

stone on stone, The place ol case and pleasure The hut i may call my own. For a thousand years you've driven A thousand years ami a day: But I like another Sampson. Aut giving my muscles play. My brain is no longer idle: see itli a clear sight And piercing 'he gloom about me, I'm seeing. I'm seeing the light.

i see in ihe i before me share of the things I've wrought: Sec Justice no longer blinded. The weight of her scales unbouglit, I see in (he not fur future The day when the worker's share is mor titan his belly's succor: is more ihaa a rag to wear. i see on the morrow's mountains The glims of a golden dawn: The dawn of a day fast coming When striving and hate are gone. Look out of the vasty darkness That fellers my limbs like steel. 1 can hear the swelling chorus That sings of the common weal.

For a thousand years you've driven For a thousand years ami one, I'm coming to take possession Of all that my hands have done. And cities afid towns and highways I've budded and shall be mine own: And Labor, at last unfettered, nit the worlds great ihrone. Will H. Man pin. Cemimssioners In Bad.

The City Commissioners of Huntixijiton have got themselves into a disagreeable predicament bv cutting I a salary for certain municipal servants and leaving others out in the cold. Without commenting on the visdon: of tiie salary ordinance in gener- al. we w-sh to say that the Commis- sianers Huntington pay $1.65 per' day to some of the most useful of; our city servants. Can the Com-' missioners of Huntington realize that they paying the real workers in their employ a contemptible miserable wage that any union in the citywould spurn with contempt? Whooperup for the "friends of labor." The American Federation of Catholic Societies in session at Milwaukee reared up on its hind leys and took a verbal fall out of the American schools, all churches except i their own, Socialism, and in fact everything that does not meet withj the approval of his Popish highness at Rome was unmercifully kicked and mauled. As public schools and independent churches arc here to stay, and as Socialism is an economic issue and therefore one with which the church has nothing to do, we should, perhaps, pass this foreign criticism of American institution with smile of derision.

But we wish to say a few words- in I behalf or Catholic workingmcn and workingwomen. This same piiesth resolution insists that every catholic child shall receive a catholic education. Now, the mind of the average catholic, after passing throueh a process of "catholic" education is a mys- tery to the free, independent-thinking! American. We teach that every human beinii should study and decide for himself every issue of life, whether it be re- ligious, nioral or political. Not so: the catholic educator.

A cardinal feature of catholic education is to instill into the pupus minds the theory that the priest in his peculiar capacity as mediator be- 1 tween God and man has an almost divine sin-forgiving power. This assumption is awe-inspiring to the mind that is educated to believe it. And that fear of the supernatural of the priest is being used to keep the catholic workers from studying Socialism. Many catholics are socialists, many arc hard working party members, and with all respect to catholic religious, belief, we rise to predict that the church that uses its religious influence to blind the eyes of its followers to their bsst interests in economic and political is inviting disaster.

The Catholic church dreams- of a world empire, with the church and state working as a unit and a super- naturally appointed Pone, who is infallible in religious matters, supreme over ali. This idea is repugnant to all men who believe that religion is a personal matter, and the divine right to think is superceding the divine right to rule i idea. The rule of heirarchies is giving way to the rule of the people. Tin catholic priesthood scored the idcai that the earth was round: they scored freedom of conscience: they si ored the abolition of feudal serfdom; they scored the abolition of slavery. And all these principles were of infinite benefit to the catholic workmgclass.

But these priceless liberties were nil fatal to the plans of the Catholic priesthood to rule the world. And the fear that Socialism will give to every worker complete economic and mental freedom, prompted the! priests to "score" Socialism. But. as Victor Berger Social- ism can no more be stopped by the church of Rome than the earth could I be made flat by its authority. Socialism is not a scheme an-! therefore cannot be stopped by the schemes of men.

The Socialist philosophy embraces; a recognition of certain laws of cvo- lution and an attempt to conform those laws. The path of history is strewn with the wrecks of men and institutions that pot in the way of evolution. We are not concerned with the creed of catholic workingmcn: as lu their spiritual advice we are indifferent; hut if the church of Rome t'muos to uphold the profit and deny the right of the worker to! the full product of his labor, then it becomes the enemy of the entire' workingclass and should be so recognized. i John Brown in Town. John Brown, tiie tall rebel of Kanawha County, dropped into the Star office Tuesday evening of this week.

Vigorous, humorous, unafraid, this living breath of the Revolution is threading his way in and out of the towns and mining camps of West' Virginia. This comrade knows, feels. and can tell of the murderous oppression in West Virginia. The coal barons will rue the day that thc-y. by their inhuman oppression, made a living brand of Socialist flame of this former submissive miner.

He is ready at all times to organize a Socialist local or a miners union. We tailor you will find the Union Label. It is the sign of well-paid, satisfied labor, and modern, sanitary workshops. TO ORDER MADE TO FIT (WITHOUT THE VEST $13) It 'is important that you insist upon the Union Label and Our label as well. Then you are sure to get high-grade, well-made clothes, tailored io your individual measure.

''Toilers to the Masses" 326 Ninth Street Clothing Shoes and Everything in the Readyto- Wear Line. Call and see the Big Difference in Price. Corner Stores Fourth Ave. Seventh St. Huntington, I E.

D. Clim's 1915 Eighth Avenue i Dealer In Fancy Groceries, Country Produ Feed and Flour Delivered to Any Part of the City ce Easy Job For Burglars "Koosi-er Had Savings Hidden Under Pillow" Indianapolis July 3 Dismond: painter. put not i banks and today reported to 1 1 1 police that $2,000 in Mold, his in two handkerchiefs. had born stolon from beneath his pillow dm nijiht. The police i re without a clew to the robbers." Press Send Us Your Deposits Burglars won't tackle this st bank.

They know it would br gerous and hopeiess job. For safety deposit your hard earned tnnji' We pay 3 per cent interest on savings. Huntington National Bank Corner Tenth Sired and Third Aoenuo PHONE 607 Dentist MILLERS BUILDING Ninth Street. Opp. City Hall Huntington, W.

Va. I W. B. WILLIS a CO. Furniture, Carpets, StoveGeneral Household Cic Qualitf at Low Fried Cash or VL 1926 Third Ave.

Phtae SS2.

The Socialist and Labor Star from Huntington, West Virginia (2024)
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